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Натуральные Соки

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Our products are manufactured in accordance with the quality standard of LLC Certificate Plus. Certified products are in demand on the market as an effective means for improving the body, strengthening immunity, improving the diet, helps to normalize the activity of the gastrointestinal tract and digestive system, and are also used to increase appetite.

Environmentally friendly, natural products , meets all the needs of Kyrgyz and foreign consumers, is produced on modern Austrian equipment that meets European quality and food safety standards. Directly squeezed ready-to-drink juices are packed in individual packages with a 3 liter dispenser. The packaging contains the date of the spill, information about the manufacturer and parameters: shelf life 1 year, storage methods. The drinking product is certified according to the Certificate Plus system, complies with international environmental standards and Kyrgyz technical specifications. For our products, we use carefully sorted domestic selected raw materials.

Licensing requirements: Products are certified in Kyrgyzgosstandard with the assistance of Standard Plus LLC. Laboratory tests were carried out on November 17, 2015, by the Kara-Suu District Center for Disease Prevention and State Epidemiological Supervision with the functions of coordinating the activities of the service in the Osh region (KRTSPZ and SSES with FKDSOO). No pathogens or mold were found according to the laboratory test protocol. The content of heavy metals is below the norm for food.

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