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Tow truck-Car tow truck

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NizhSpetsAvto plant produces and sells tow trucks. The catalog contains various options for tow trucks for various works in the field of evacuation. The platforms are installed on chassis of various brands (MAZ, KamAZ, GAZ, Isuzu, Hyundai, Hino and many others).

A tow truck is a special commercial vehicle for loading and transporting vehicles: in case of an accident, breakdown and for sales. The weight of the transported cargo of the tow truck varies depending on the carrying capacity of the chassis (1.5-7 tons).

Platforms are of two types: broken and sliding, equipped with a winch. The electric winch is powered by the base generator vehicle and can be controlled by the remote control, the hydraulic works due to the circulation of hydraulic fluid (requires a PTO and a hydraulic pump).

The tow truck can be equipped with a crane-manipulator with a rotator and a traverse, which allows evacuation from hard-to-reach places and if it is not possible to load the vehicle with a winch.

A beam for towing with partial loading (brill) can also be installed on a tow truck.

You can purchase a tow truck with various add-ons by calling the sales department of the NizhSpetsAvto plant and managers will help you choose the necessary type of tow truck.

Technical characteristics of Hyundai HD 78 tow trucks (Hyundai) with a broken platform:

Vehicle type - a tow truck with a broken platform
Wheel formula - 4x2
Gross vehicle weight, kg. - 7650
Weight of the transported cargo, kg. - 3800
Internal dimensions of the platform, mm .: LxW -5150х2200
Loading height of the platform, mm. - 985
Hydraulic winch with tractive force, t. M. - 4.1
Cable length, m. - 20-30

Description of the Hyundai HD 78 Tow truck (Hyundai) with broken platform:

Entry or pulling the vehicle onto the tow truck is carried out along two retractable ramps using an electric or hydraulic winch (a device designed to raise and lower the load). Tow trucks with a winch can be equipped with rolling carts (for transporting a machine with locked wheels),lashing belts with tensioning devices. The sliding winch has the ability to move laterally, which makes it possible to pull any vehicle to the tow truck, regardless of which side the hook is on.

In standard configurations, tow trucks based on Hyundai HD 78 : winch, orange beacon, 2 platform lights, tool box, 2 tie-down belts, thrust bar.
It is possible to install additional options on the Hyundai 78 tow truck : autonomous heater, preheater, alarm, radio tape recorder, over-cabin and above-cabin sleeping bags, winch with lateral displacement, trolleys, pulley block
All Hyundai tow trucks are fully certified in accordance with the current Russian legislation. A full package of documents is provided for registering a vehicle with the traffic police. A factory warranty is issued. Delivery of tow trucks Hyundai HD 78 (Hyundai) with a broken platform is carried out throughout Russia, delivery to any region is possible. Wide range of chassis of domestic and foreign brands. Possibilities of custom-made evacuation platforms. Possible sale of the Hyundai HD 78 tow truck (Hyundai) with a broken platform on credit and lease.

Plant of special equipment "NizhSpetsAvto" produces tow trucks (tow trucks) on various Hyundai chassis HD-78, HD-120, HD-170, HD-250, Isuzu NMR-85, NPR-75, NQR-75, Tata, KAMAZ, GAZ (3308, 33081 Sadko, 33086 Zemlyak, GAZ 3309 Gazon).

NizhSpetsAvto special equipment plant offers:

- a wide assortment of special equipment for various purposes;
- high quality of products;
- an individual approach to each client;
- flexible pricing policy, as well as discounts and bonuses for regular customers;
- the possibility of acquiring special equipment on lease / credit.

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