ООО "Агро-Спутник"

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Snack food, Seeds and bulbs of plants Russia, ул.Транспортная 18

The company "Agro-Sputnik" was founded in November 2002. The main area of activity is the production and sale of snack products.

At the moment, the main brand of the company is “Bogucharsky selective fried seeds”. For 11 years, the Agro-Sputnik company, from a small company with 5 employees, has developed into a serious production structure. Little steppe Boguchar with a population of just over 13 thousand, not everyone knows - and Boguchar seeds are known in many regions of our country and beyond.

The company "Agro-Sputnik" was awarded the diploma of the international exhibition "Prodexpo" in Moscow.

For the production of its products, Agro-Sputnik uses the confectionery varieties of sunflower Lakomka and SPK.

Seeds for Russians, that chocolate for Europeans: the consumer knows a lot about them. It is possible to attract, and most importantly, to keep the consumer, only with high quality, and business partners with an impeccable business reputation. Both Agro-Sputnik laid the foundation of its business project and rightfully became one of the best.

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