ООО «Барнаульская халвичная фабрика»

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Confectionery Russia, пр. Южный, 31г

The confectionery company Barnaul Halvichnaya Zavod began its halva production in 2001 and is currently one of the largest halvah producers in Russia. At our enterprise more than forty names of halvich products are produced.
The geography of deliveries of our products is quite wide, from Moscow to the Far East, more than thirty cities of Russia. We do not stand still, our goal is excellent quality, expanding the range of products, increasing production capacities, introducing new technologies, mutually beneficial cooperation with partners.

Every year the company is gaining momentum. In the process, “Barnaul Halvichnaya Factory” is fighting for product quality, while the search and implementation of the latest imported manufacturing technologies is ongoing . In England, equipment was purchased for 100% purification of seeds, which led to an improvement in the color and taste of halva without the addition of chemical additives. The product is environmentally friendly , developed from sunflower grown in the Siberian open spaces of Altai.

The strategic direction of the company is not in the mass production of halva, which is present in many manufacturers, but the emphasis is on a new type of product, different from others. As a result of the foregoing, our company has mastered the production of an exclusive product - air halva , produced by the latest technologies. Halva just melts in your mouth, resembling to taste meringue or candy floss. Visually looks lush appetizing bun. Now we are releasing another
novelty - sweets from ordinary and airy halva.

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