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Confectionery Russia, ул. Ильича, Промплощадка № 1, строение 2

The Bogorodsky Gingerbread Company is reviving traditional recipes for making sweets, successfully adapting them to the needs of modern customers. We produce products that are in high demand and have a number of advantages.

Gingerbread cookies are made only by hand. We use traditional recipes , thanks to which the true taste of bygone days, inherent in the original masters of gingerbread, is revived. The natural ingredients used for baking are of the highest quality . A unique recipe component is "dry perfume" containing cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, as well as a set of signature spices and spices. Customers will appreciate the wide range of products we manufacture.

Types of gingerbread products produced by the company "Bogorodsky Gingerbread":

  • Printed gingerbread cookies (made using wooden boards according to old recipes);
  • Painted gingerbread cookies (all products are painted manually with natural food colors);
  • Souvenir gingerbread cookies (a great option for a gift for any holiday);
  • Gingerbread houses (fabulous sweet treat for Christmas and New Year holidays).

Gingerbread cookies with a logo, to order!

In addition to the direct production of sweets to order, the company is engaged in applying logos or any other images to all types of gingerbread products. We work both with small (from 100 pieces), and with large circulations.

The Bogorodsky Gingerbread company offers customers a variety of packaging options, ranging from economical transparent bags with bows to exclusive branded boxes, which makes our products a wonderful gift or corporate souvenir.

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