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Textile Raw Materials Uzbekistan
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“KUBRO textile” Breaking and collecting are natural desires. The kid collects a pyramid of cubes, adults gather in families and collect vegetables in healthy salads in the evenings together. The most interesting were always those objects or substances that could be "collected from oneself." Therefore, even in antiquity, people with curiosity and admiration considered a spider's web and silkworm cocoon. And once a man learned to weave matter from threads. Take a look around - your clothes, curtains, blankets, tablecloth on the table and much more - this is all the way, a maze of strings. The image of the thread and fabric is reflected in mythology - so the ancient Greek moira weave the fate of people. Using the gifts of nature in the form of cotton, linen, silk, sheep’s wool and many other types of raw materials for weaving, people still understood that these materials are subject to wear. High temperatures, friction, humidity and many other factors lead to the fact that after some time things from natural fabrics lose their shape, color, become thinner and torn. However, there are a number of tasks and activities that require high-strength fabric, which will be resistant to wear and fading. The optimal solution was a polyester thread. Polyester thread is a material with a wide range of applications in light industry. It is used in the manufacture of clothing, shoes, upholstery fabrics, bags, backpacks, hammocks, tents, various sports equipment. High strength characteristics of polyester fiber threads allow using them as a cord for car tires, material for conveyor belts, slings, for the manufacture of trawls and fishing nets. Also, polyester threads are widely used in decorative art, embroidery, and the manufacture of souvenirs. Polyester yarns not only are not inferior to natural yarns, but also largely surpass them. An important factor is the availability of prices for polyester yarns in comparison with natural raw materials. Positive aspects of the polyester thread: ▪️ does not deform under repeated tension, which allows you to maintain a high level of elasticity of the seam. ▪️ abrasion resistance is practically independent of fiber thickness. ▪️ high resistance to shrinkage ▪️ strength ▪️ resistance to atmospheric factors. ▪️ higher resistance to high temperatures compared to other synthetic and natural threads ▪️ not subject to decay ▪️ not affected by fungi, bacteria, carpet bugs and other insects. Polyester yarns from the manufacturing company “KUBRO textile” are not only guaranteed product quality, wide color range and flexible prices, but also impeccable service, an individual approach to each client and advisory support Polyester yarns from “KUBRO textile” - bright, durable, reliable !

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