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Children's Clothing, Home Textile, Women's clothing, Men's clothing, İslamic clothing, Textile, Fabrics and Accessories, Meat & Dairy products, Crop Production, Livestock, Personal care products, Individual protection supplies, Women's footwear, Men's footwear, Children's footwear, Road Construction Machines & Equipments, Construction Machinery & Equipment, Construction Materials, Decorative products, Furniture, Doors and windows, Accessories and spare parts, Raw materials and minerals Kyrgyzstan, г. Бишкек, ул. Байтик Баатыра 70, офис №1
Freight forwarder services, Courier services, Loading and unloading, Warehouse services, Transportation Services, Freight Logistics, Customs services, Tool and equipment rental, Vehicle rental, Machinery rental, Outsourcing, Exhibition Services, Consulting services, Office Services, Business Sell, Business Broker Services, Archiving & Destruction of documents, Financial Services, Trade services, organization of auctions and tenders, Legal Services, Conference and Forum Organizing Services, Brokerage, intermediary and agency services, Ecology Services, Translation Services, Independent Expert Assessment & Valuation, Land Recultivation, Construction Investment Projects, Construction and Repair Services, Home, Apartment, Cottage and other Premises Repair, Building Construction & Reconstruction Services, Engineering and Construction Services , general, Environmental Surveying, Interior and Exterior Design Services, Landscape Design, Planting , Improvement, Design and Construction Services Kyrgyzstan, г. Бишкек, ул. Байтик Баатыра 70, офис №1

ОсОО "МКС Плюс" - многопрофильная компания, имеющая возможность исполнить любой задуманный Вами проект под ключ в максимально короткие сроки и с максимальной выгодой для Вас. Мы работаем по всему СНГ.

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