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The PENETRON system of materials was developed by ICS / Penetron InternationalLtd. (USA) - the world leader in the production of materials for waterproofing, protection and restoration of concrete, and for more than 50 years it has been used with great success at construction sites for various purposes in 92 countries of the world. PENETRON system materials are used for waterproofing any monolithic and prefabricated concrete structures. The use of materials of the PENETRON system increases the water resistance, strength, and frost resistance of concrete; protects the structure from the effects of aggressive environments: acids, alkalis, sewage and groundwater, sea water; quickly eliminates pressure leaks in structures when other materials are washed with water before they set. Currently, the PENETRON system of materials is the most effective waterproofing, increasing the waterproof class by 4-6 times. The advantages that you get when using the PENETRON system materials:  When waterproofing a finished structure, preliminary drying of the surface is not required, which significantly reduces the cost of the work;  active chemical components of the PENETRON system materials penetrate deep into concrete (up to 90 cm), are evenly distributed in the thickness of the concrete, becoming a single whole of the concrete structure;  application technology does not require complex and lengthy surface preparation;  the use of PENETRON system materials is equally effective both on the external and internal sides of the structure, regardless of the direction of water pressure;  in case of mechanical damage to the treated surface, the acquired high waterproofing and protective properties of the concrete structure are preserved; processed concrete acquires the ability to "self-healing";  the use of materials allows for long-term waterproofing - for the entire service life of the concrete structure;  materials are used even when exposed to high hydrostatic pressure. Fields of application of the PENETRON system materials:  Waterproofing of pools, drinking tanks, fountains;  Waterproofing of joints, structures of concrete blocks;  Waterproofing of power plants, dams, transport infrastructure facilities;  Waterproofing of the floor, ceiling, cellars, cellars, balconies;  Waterproofing of entry points of communications; Waterproofing materials of the PENETRON system are officially included in the ShNK - 02/02/13-04 (tab. 13-11-004) and approved by the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Architecture and Construction. Based on the foregoing, we offer you a full range of services for the implementation of waterproofing works using waterproofing materials penetrating the system "PENETRON". We guarantee the quality of work performed by authorized companies by the manufacturer, and also have the honor to offer you educational courses for employees of construction organizations and repair and construction companies on training in the professional use of waterproofing materials of the Penetron system. You can find additional and more detailed information about our PENETRON materials on the websites: and

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