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Electric transformers. Own production.

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PC "Aurora Electro" LLC designs and manufactures three-phase and single-phase transformers for powering heaters of electric furnaces.

We develop furnace transformers according to the customer's specifications in a wide range of powers and currents. We manufacture transformers with a large number of output voltage regulation steps.

Technical characteristics of our furnace transformers:

Power - up to 630 kVA

Voltage - up to 1500 V

Load current - up to 10,000 A

Regulation - stepwise

- insulation class B (default), F or H;

- magnetic core material - anisotropic transformer steel 3409 and 3414;

- degree of protection IP00, IP23, IP31 or IP54; nominal frequency 50Hz (default). Up to 200Hz;

- cooling - natural (default) or forced;

- temperature protection using the Termodat-11 controller with thermal resistances in the transformer windings (option);

- auxiliary power supply for furnace control systems (option);

- instrumentation (optional).

Transformers are used in the following resistance furnaces:

- Furnaces with silicon carbide (SiC) heaters

- Furnaces with lanthanum chromite heaters (LaCr03)

- High-temperature furnaces with molybdenum disilicide (MoSi2) heaters

- Vacuum furnaces with molybdenum or tungsten heaters

- High temperature retort vacuum furnaces with graphite heaters

In these furnaces, the heaters are selected according to the parameter of the maximum permissible surface power and have a sufficiently low resistance, which does not allow them to be connected directly to the network.

To power such furnaces, a low voltage is required - from 2 to 100 V at a current of up to 10,000 A.

The use of stepwise regulation of the output voltage makes it possible to compensate for the change in resistance over time (aging) of silicon carbide heaters.

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