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Balancing transformers (TST)

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PC "Aurora Electro" LLC develops and manufactures TST syimetizing transformers, which eliminate

Phase imbalance and unbalance of phase voltages and currents at symmetrical line-to-line voltages;

Imbalance (asymmetry) of line voltages and input currents;

Imbalance (asymmetry) of phase and line voltages;

Overheating of zero working conductors of cable lines;

Breakage of the neutral wire (neutral);

Imbalance (asymmetry) of the currents of diesel generator sets and (or) UPS;

The problem of redistribution of currents in three phases.

Using various schemes and those. solutions we can produce any type of balancing transformer:

TST is a three-phase alternating voltage balancing transformer.

ТСТР - three-phase balancing transformer - voltage normalizer.

TST, which converts three-phase voltage to single-phase.

Balancing transformer that converts three phases into one.

Balancing transformer with reactive power compensation function.

Power transformer with galvanic isolation.

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