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Dry power transformer. Own production.

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PC "Aurora Electro" LLC develops and manufactures power transformers.

Main characteristics:

Rated power: up to 1000 kVA

Voltage: up to 10 kV

Connection of windings: D / Y, D / Yn, D / D, Y / Y, Y / Yn, Y / D

Connection of windings in "Zigzag" D / Z, Y / Z, Z / Z

Insulation heat resistance classes: B, F, H

Coil material: copper, aluminum

Magnetic core made of anisotropic steel with low specific losses

Degree of protection provided by housing: up to IP66

Climatic version: U, UHL, TV

Accommodation category: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Operating mode: continuous

Service life: 30 years

Warranty period: 3 years

The ability to install additional. equipment:

Additional equipment for the transformer is formed at the stage of drawing up a technical task or filling out a questionnaire.

Temperature control unit.

Temperature sensors.

Voltage regulation device. Offsite from the network side.

Installation of measuring devices.

Current transformers.

Additional cooling fans.

Rollers for moving the transformer.

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