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Dry power transformer 160 kVA (TSZ-160 / 0.66-UHL3-380 / 400)

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Transformer TC3-160 / 0.66-UHL3-380 / 400 is designed for use in alternating current circuits with a frequency of 50 or 60 Hz.


Rated value of high voltage, V 400

Low voltage rated value, V 380

Rated power, kVA 160.0

Number of phases 3

Mains frequency, Hz 50

Connection diagram of HV windings Yн

Connection diagram of the LV D windings

Insulation temperature class F

Temperature protection Termodat 11M3T1 BKT

Cooling natural air

Enclosure protection IP23

Coil material aluminum

Overall dimensions, mm:

Length 890

Depth 890

Height 1030

Estimated weight, kg 570

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