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Welding Equipment and Machines, Metallurgy, Non-ferrous metallurgy, Raw materials and minerals, Raw materials for industrial production Russia, Москва, Рязанский проспект, дом 8а строение 7, эт/пом 2/5.
Russia, Москва, Рязанский проспект, дом 8а строение 7, эт/пом 2/5.

PKF TECHPROM LLC is the official exclusive representative of TVP BONUSTREYD LLC ( in the Russian Federation. We bring to your attention all types of powder graphites and a number of other materials for heavy industry: Our company has the opportunity to offer for delivery in The address of your enterprise is the following products: - pencil graphite GK-1, GK-2, GK-3; - foundry graphite GL-1 - cryptocrystalline foundry graphite GLS-1 - agricultural graphite (for seeders); - lubricant graphite GS-1, GS -2, GS-3, GS-4, P; - special drilling graphite GSB; - special low-ash graphite fuel GSM-2; - electric carbon graphite EUZ-M, EUZ-II, EUZ-III; - colloidal graphite preparation S-1 , S-2, S-3; - developing powder (analogue of MIRCA®); - assortment of steel and cast iron carburizers; - carbon-containing USM material for various types of production; - AF anthracite-filtrant; - heat-insulating TIS mixture; - coke mix- carbon-containing HVW; - integrated glass reducing agent nd VKS-8; - iron powder ПЖ-1, ПЖ-2; - a mixture of quartzite SKM-97 - marshalite (ground quartz) class A; - bentonite clay M2T2 (Pologi) and PBMB (Konstantinovka); - clay refractory PGOSA-0; - building soot

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