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Plumbing & sewerage Russia, ул. Станционная, 60/1

Products made of polymeric materials have proven their reliability, and now they are increasingly used in construction. It is enough to recall the polyethylene pipes, everywhere replacing analogues of cast iron and steel. However, as in the production of any other product, the manufacture of polymer products requires the use of high-quality material and compliance with established standards. In this regard, when searching for a product, the question arises of how responsibly the supplier company approaches its duties.

We suggest you evaluate the quality of services and products of Sibvtorplast company. We are located in Novosibirsk and we sell HDPE technical and casing pipes, as well as other products from polypropylene, wholesale and retail. Being directly manufacturers of HDPE technical pipes, we can provide goods of various diameters (from 20 to 110 mm) at the best prices. In addition, we are the exclusive supplier of HDPE casing pipes from LLC Polimertekh.

Other activities of the company are:

  • supply of recycled granules (polypropylene, HDPE and LDPE);
  • plastic waste processing (granulation, agglomeration, crushing, washing);
  • sale of equipment (extruders, granulators, agglomerators).

Among the main buyers we see large construction organizations, electrical installation companies and horticultural partnerships, to which we provide a wide selection of HDPE technical pipes and HDPE casing pipes for wells, as well as companies engaged in the production of technical products from plastic. The geography of deliveries includes the city of Novosibirsk and the entire Siberian Federal District.

Advantages of the Sibvtorplast company:

  • extensive industry experience (more than 5 years in the market);
  • the presence of own production;
  • competitive prices;
  • constant availability of products in stock;
  • the possibility of supplying large-diameter pipes and manufacturing for individual orders;
  • use of high quality raw materials;
  • delivery by any means of transport convenient for the client.

Call us at (383) 362-10-05, 310-01-38, and make your orders.

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