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ООО «Тепломеханическое машиностроение», г.Санкт-Петербург

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Industrial Equipment Parts, Reinforced concrete products Russia, улица Зайцева, дом 41
Russia, улица Зайцева, дом 41

LLC Thermomechanical Mechanical Engineering is located in St. Petersburg. The company develops and manufactures thermomechanical equipment. In assortment:

  • filters, adsorbers;
  • oil coolers;
  • rebar blocks;
  • frame constructions;
  • ACS;
  • industrial silencers and other categories.

Specialists of the research and production association will help with installation, commissioning, maintenance and support of the ordered products. The equipment is used in the oil and gas, energy and other sectors of the economy. Over 300 tons of industrial products are produced annually.

Terms of cooperation and payment - on an individual basis. In order to obtain dealer status or buy products in bulk - contact the manager on the page.

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