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Women's Shoes, Men's Shoes Ukraine

The manufacturer of leather shoes Villomi invites existing and novice sellers to cooperate.

Even if you are selling clothes or accessories, we suggest that you consider our products to expand your product range.
We offer 3 cooperation schemes: Dropshipping, Joint purchases and Affiliate program.
These schemes are not mutually exclusive, you can work as one of them, or two - three at the same time.
1. Dropshipping
Order from one pair, delivery to the client
You register on our website using the link, select the Opt, DSh, SP section, and see immediately the prices for retail and for partners.
Order from one pair, delivery to the customer.
Available sizes are shown for each model.
Ships within 2 business days. There is cash on delivery, exchange, refund.
In the section you can download all photos and uploads for sites.

  1. Joint purchases
    Minimum order of 5 pairs of any models from the site
    Prices for the joint venture - upon registration by reference.
    Sending the order is carried out within 4-5 business days to the JV Organizer
    We provide exchange of size, guarantee
  2. affiliate program
    You will be given your personal referral link, through which you can attract partners to cooperate with us. From each order of the client you attracted, 4 percent of each of his orders will be charged on an ongoing basis (on average 40-60 UAH).

We cooperate with Ukraine and Russia.
If you are interested in our offer, register on the site and leave a request for mail marked Dropshipping, JV or Affiliate program, and we will send you more detailed terms of cooperation.

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