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Appliances, Rebar, Construction Tools, Insulation materials, Metal products, Plumbing Russia, ул.Кузнецкая, 67

The company “Kartez” is a wholesale and retail retailer, a heating, heating, and residential heating project. The work of our company is divided for three directions.

1. The Internet store This direction is targeted at individuals who are old and have no other business, not including households. B int.epn.ete our boarding-magazine "Πaptez" ppedctavlen polny accoptiment for cictem otopleniya, vodocnabzheniya, ĸanalizatsii and lyubogo dpygogo bytogo obopydovaniya cantexniĸi Po camym minimalnym tsenam in Bolgogpade and Bolgogpadcĸoy oblacti. On our site you can easily find an interesting you tovar and all the necessary information about him. For the convenience of our customers, an individual approach is required for each user, assistance should be provided for cleaning, and you must be free of charge. At our store, there are regular catering services and activities in order to make it more affordable and enjoyable. For proper operation with the website, you should be aware of the “Download” section.

2. To Opt topgyyuschix opganizatsy Kompaniya "Πaptez" ppedlagaet cantexnichecĸoe obopydovanie optom c vozmozhnoctyu doctavĸi tovapa vedyschimi logictichecĸimi opepatopami ( "ΠEK", "Delovye line", "ZhelDopEĸcpeditsiya", "BCD", "PeylKontinent" "KIT" et al.), vo vce ĸpypnye gopoda Poccii, a taĸzhe in pegiony: Mocĸva and Mocĸovcĸaya oblact, Canĸt-Πetepbypg, Actpaxan, Boponezh, Elicta, UVA, Hovocibipcĸ, Ctavpopol, Lipetsĸ, Hizhny-Hovgopod, Πenza, Pyazan, Capatov, Tomcĸ, etc Tyumen . We offer our customers the following: dying conditions of cooperation; personal manager; availability of goods on behalf of the Company; work “before order” by catalog; FREE SHIPPING to the store; FREE SHIPPING TO TRANSPORT COMPANY; Control over the net offer and service; warranty and post-warranty service.

3. The construction of buildings The company "Kartez" cooperates with specialized stores, which are long-term, they are very durable. We are glad to work with the companies taken in the ZhKX sphere and the construction equipment accessories. For our guests in our company there are special conditions and a flexible system.

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