PET can 150 ml
PET can 150 ml
PET can 150 ml
PET can 150 ml
Product description
Bank of cylindrical shape with "shoulders". The neck of the can is the European standard 38mm BERICAP with a three-way thread. The optimal weight for this model is 16 grams, with this weight the can will be dense and pleasant to the touch, and the thicker the wall of the container, the less the likelihood of mechanical damage during transportation. The increase in weight can lead to uneven distribution of the material over the entire area of ​​the bottle. · Material - Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) · Raw materials - Primary · Weight - 13/16 grams · Diameter - 52 mm · Height - 95 mm · Neck - 38 mm (Bericap) · Packing - 400 pieces per pack · Color: Transparent, white
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PET can 150 ml - 67513

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Minimum order: 500 pcs

Supply ability: 300000 pcs/per month

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Голицыно, Russia
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