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Products and equipment for industrial ecology, Other Road Construction Machinery, Innovations, Industrial machinery parts, Warehouse and handling equipment, Food Machinery,Equipments, Food additives and ingredients machines, Ecologically safe technologies in agro, Livestock machinery, equipments, General-purpose Equipments, Other equipments and machines, Electrical equipment, Filtration Equipment, Glass Processing Machinery, Industrial Equipment Parts, Industrial Instruments, Plastic Processing Machinery, Mechanical Parts, Tire Industry Machines, Welding Equipment and Machines, Vacuum Equipments, Machine Tool Equipment and Parts, Automated agro management systems, Irrigation and Drainage Machines &Equipments, Tillage Machines, Fertilizer Application Machines & Equipments, Harvesting Machines & Equipments, Hardware & Spare Parts & Supplies, Fruit & Vegetable Machines & Equipments, Sorting and Transportation Machines & Equipments, Tractors, Construction Machinery, Construction equipment, Components & Parts, Rebar, Construction timber, Construction mixtures, Construction stones, Floor coverings, Roofing materials, Heating equipment and supplies, Insulation materials, Plastic products, Paints & varnishes, Ventilation equipment, Metal products, Polymeric materials, Plumbing & sewerage, Self-adhesive film, Household products, Corrugated pipes, Auto spare parts, Machinery & equipment, Special machinery & parts, Technologies and equipment for sheet processing, Electrical enclosures, Foundry Machinery, Industrial Laser Solutions, Industrial Lubricants, technologies and equipment, Coordinate-measuring machines with manual control, Magnets, Metal Processing Machinery, Metal Structures, Non-ferrous metallurgy, Surface treatment and coating technologies, equipm, Hardware and materials, Lighting equipment, Wires, Cables, Cable Assemblies, Generators, Power Supplies, Transformers, Telecommunication Equipment, Hunting and fishing products, Sport equipment, Sportswear, polyethylene, Ropes Russia, ул. им . Шевцова В.М. 1/1 офис 29
Russia, ул. им . Шевцова В.М. 1/1 офис 29

LLC “PO Alliance” is a contract holder and an intermediary company between a Russian company, from which goods are purchased with a designated VAT rate of 18% on an advance payment basis and are sent to countries near and far abroad (including countries of the Eurasian Economic Union) with a dedicated VAT rate - 0%. At the same time, LLC PO Alliance provides all the necessary documents for the delivery of goods by all means of transport, both within the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union and beyond.

LLC “PO Alliance” is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and has an international certificate.

Our team is always ready for cooperation, we are pleased to consider your suggestions and find the best option for solving non-standard situations. Noting an individual approach to the needs of each client, we are ready to offer you the following comprehensive services:

  • Sending goods for export to the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union at a VAT rate of 0%.
  • Delivery of goods with customs clearance, on order - IMPORT.

- Processing of applications for goods (interaction with contractors on behalf of the customer).

- Conclusion of a foreign economic contract.

- Determination of the product code according to the HS of the EAEU.

- Formation of an invoice with 0% VAT.

- Declaration and customs clearance of goods (TBG) for goods subject to declaration.

- Organization of shipment from anywhere in the country to the destination.

- Formation and storage of groupage cargoes, loading and unloading in Omsk and Krasnodar ..

- Informing the client about the movement of goods.

- Registration of shipping documents (CMR, 1-T, etc.)

- Registration of the certificate of origin of goods of the form ST-1, etc.

- Registration of a veterinary certificate, phytosanitary, grain certificates.

- Registration of PTS / PSM in customs.

Regular customers appreciate the reliability, literacy, and conscientiousness of the professionals of our company.

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