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Concentrated syrupy liquid, black, odorless, contains humic acids and 19 selected nutrients, essential for plant growth and development. It is intended for use in agriculture on various crops. Fertilizer without toxic substances. Safe for humans. Canister - 5 liters.


Oxygumate is an organic, humic bio-fertilizer produced in Turkmenistan. Accelerator of plant growth and development.

It is tested in Europe and Turkmenistan.

Environmentally friendly, Organic Product.


Stir 1 liter of Oxygumate on - 1250 liters of water.


• 25-100% Increase in Yield

• 30% Acceleration of Fetal Maturation

• 95% Germination of Seeds

• 40% Reduction in Nitrate

• Reduction of Harmful Effects of Salt and Toxic Substances in the Earth up to 6 times

• Enriches the Soil - Promotes the formation of humus in the soil (chernozem).

• Increases Resistance to Drought and Frost.


1. Soak the seeds / cuttings in the solution for 12 hours before planting.

2. The first processing at germination of the first 3-5 leaves.

3. The second treatment in the formation of the trunk and 10-15 leaves.

4. The third treatment is recommended at the time before budding.

5. Spraying with the solution more than once a week and watering more than once a month is not recommended.


Not poisonous. Not combustible. Environmentally friendly.

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