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RUSAL is the world's largest aluminum producer. The bulk of the company's products are primary aluminum, aluminum alloys, foil and alumina. RUSAL's assets include the entire complex of enterprises involved in the final product production chain, from mining plants to aluminum and foil rolling plants. This allows the company to control all stages of the production process, ensuring high quality products.

Given the ongoing imbalance of supply and demand in the global primary aluminum market, RUSAL is optimizing its own production. The company suspends the production of metal at the least efficient plants with the aim of re-profiling for the production of products with high added value. In exchange, RUSAL is building new high-performance aluminum smelters in Eastern Siberia, which will allow the company to provide its customers with aluminum when the balance of supply and demand on the market is restored.

Access to rich bauxite deposits allows RUSAL to provide its production with its own raw materials for at least the next 100 years.

RUSAL is one of the three most efficient aluminum producers in the world and plans to come out on top in this indicator. Own scientific and technical base allows the company to create and implement new developments that optimize production and reduce its cost.

Another important strategic goal of RUSAL is to diversify the business by creating its own energy base, which will fully satisfy at least 60% of the company's need for electricity. As part of this strategic goal, RUSAL, together with RusHydro, is building a new hydroelectric power station - Boguchanskaya - in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, and is also participating in a joint venture to develop the Ekibastuz coal deposit in Kazakhstan.

The scale of RUSAL’s activities, its competitiveness and potential, as well as its good prospects for the aluminum industry, create a solid foundation for the long-term and successful operation of the company in the interests of employees, shareholders, the population of countries and regions of its presence. RUSAL’s sustainable development strategy is aimed precisely at achieving this goal.

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