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Auto spare parts, Metal Structures Russia, Дзержинское ш.
Russia, Дзержинское ш.

RUSSTAL brand is produced by RusStal Group. The company "RusStal Group" since 2006 specializes in the development and manufacture of automotive attachments: protection of the front, rear bumpers and sills, including functional ones. Products are developed on a 3D model of a real car, which guarantees perfect compliance with the protection of the lines of the body. It is made on modern Italian, Japanese and American equipment with tolerances for bends and pipe fittings of only 1 mm. Welding is performed exclusively on argon-arc equipment - this prevents the appearance of rust in welds. At the final stages, the product is polished with the best abrasives in the world and polished with an electroplasma unit, which gives an ideal uniform surface finish. Fasteners are powder coated to prevent rapid corrosion. Throughout all stages of production, the product passes 7 levels of technical control in more than 30 parameters. The company gives a 10-year guarantee against through corrosion on fasteners. Warranty on corrosion on the product - 10 years. Installation is made in the regular openings of the body, which allows you to keep the warranty on the car. Installation instructions and all necessary fasteners included. The RusStal Group company, under the RUSSTAL brand, produces crankcase, gearbox, transfer case, radiator and gearbox made of aluminum, and rear bumper covers made of stainless mirror and aluminum sheet. All products are certified.

RUSSTAL - Production and sale of mobile fencing systems.

From 2013 to 2016, more than 64,000 of our racks served the organizers of exhibitions and events!

The Russtal group company is the only official patent holder in the territory of the Russian Federation for the production of mobile fence racks.

This is a guarantee that you will receive racks exclusively of the highest quality.

4 benefits you get

1. Delivery of racks during the day after the call! This is possible due to the constant availability of more than 1000 racks in stock for you.

2. Savings from 16,263 rubles. from every 10 meters! All companies sell tapes 2m long. With us you can order tapes up to 5 m long. Our production in the Russian Federation allows you not to depend on the dollar exchange rate.

3. Drawing a logo and corporate colors. Our designers will help in the choice of colors and the format of applying the logo so that the racks fit into your corporate style!

4. Need a lot of racks? We will make for you more than 100 racks in just 1 day!

Company RUSSTAL . Some facts about us

for your confidence in reliable cooperation:

  • Our 9 years of experience in the rack market allows you to count on reliable and serious cooperation.
  • To get the best racks, we produced 822,250 meters of mobile fences
  • Own, the only patented production technology in the Russian Federation - an indicator of expertise for you
  • Our own engineering and industrial design department offers you only the best innovative solutions.
  • The whole process takes place on a production area of 2,000 sq.m.
  • Any, even your largest order, will be executed efficiently and on time thanks to 3 modern production facilities
  • If you have deadlines and urgently need racks "for yesterday", then you are at the address! We always have a stock of 800 meters of fences in stock.
  • Highest rack quality guaranteed by the latest production lines from Japan, Italy and the USA

RUSSTAL Company - These are the Tables of the HoReCa segment.

In just 2 years, from 2013 to 2015
More than 400 establishments have successfully opened with our help. You will be next!

Exclusive terms for you

We will carry out any of your orders. At will, we will make a table under your sketch.

Persistent appearance. Paint your underframe with a polymer coating so that it is resistant to aggressive detergents and retains its original appearance for a long time.

Save from 2094 rub. from every table! For the money saved, order yourself a countertop and get a ready-made table at the price of a table top!

Need a lot of underframes? We will make 150 substations for you in just 1 week !

Who will fulfill your order?
RUSSTAL more than 9 years in the market

  • 9 years in the market of underframes
  • 254 tons of metal processed
  • Own logistics allows you to quickly ship orders
  • Own department of engineering and industrial design
  • The production area is 2 000 sq.m.
  • 3 modern production halls
  • Over 114 underframes produced daily
  • 100 underframes always in stock
  • Latest production lines from Japan, Italy and the USA

We work both with legal entities and individuals.

The sales territory is All Russia and the CIS countries.

There is a flexible pricing policy for partners.

Free op Moscow delivery

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