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As the first company to make a triathlon-specific bike, Quintana Roo has spent 30 years creating world-class triathlon bikes. The Quintana Roo PRsix 2.0 Ultegra was designed by triathletes for triathletes to perform in real race-day situations. This bike has been extensively tested in both wind tunnel and with real-world riding. The Hi-Modulus carbon fiber used to create this frame is lighter and stiffer than other models which results in easier climbing and faster power transfer and acceleration. The Quintana Roo PRsix 2.0 utilizes rim brakes which lower the price and weight while providing adequate braking power in all situations. Aerodynamics are always incredibly important for triathlon bikes and the PRsix frameset does not disappoint. This frame performed at a high level in the wind tunnel and did just as well in real world situations. A combination of their SHIFT+ technology, boat-tail airfoils, and leading-edge absent chainstay gives you a more aerodynamic ride than the competition. The precision and power of the disc brakes that you will equip on this frame give you the confidence to stay in an aero position for a longer period of time. Extra aerodynamics come from an integrated aero fork and boat tail design. This shape helps air flow around the frame and spring back behind the rider to increase stability at high speeds. The geometry of the Quintana Roo PRsix 2.0 adds to the stability and comfort of the ride. A wide range of position adjustment helps you find the perfect balance of comfort and aerodynamics. The new integrated fork helps riders find their proper position. Having this comfort and natural riding position helps you fend off fatigue for a long time, keeping you moving faster for longer so you can sprint to the finish or kick it up on the run. This frame is equipped with a Carbon Aero seatpost that helps you find the perfect position. The PRsix geometry gives you all you need to hit high speeds for miles on end.
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