Ballpoint pen
Ballpoint pen
Ballpoint pen
Ballpoint pen
Product description
We offer you ballpoint pens! With good quality and off factory price! Ballpoint pen in a plastic case. Equipped with an oil-based blue ink core, which is high density, light and water resistant, does not freeze at low temperatures. The thickness of the writing line of the pen is 0.7 mm. The pen body is available in 6 colors. Body color: white, blue, black, red, green, yellow Composition: polypropylene, polyethylene Ink color: blue Packaging: 1 pack = 50 pcs. Price: $0.02 for 1 piece (FCA) Minimum order: 500,000 pcs. Our shipping terms: EXW, FCA, FOB, CIP, CIF worldwide. Payment terms: US dollars, euros. Country of manufacture: Turkmenistan
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Ballpoint pen - 77211

0.02 USD/pcs 0.02 USD

Minimum order: 500000 pcs

Supply ability: 5000000 pcs/per month

Serdarly watan Individual Enterprise
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