Шоколадная фабрика «Добрые Вести»

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Confectionery Russia, ул.Заводское шоссе 101

Chocolate factory "Good News" was founded in Samara in 1998. Specialization - production of sweets. In assortment of sweets:

  • pralines, fondant;
  • cream, jelly;
  • roasting, soufflé;
  • waffle sets of sweets;
  • dried fruits in chocolate.

In the manufacture of sweets, the company strictly adheres to GOSTs. In 2014, a complete technical re-equipment was completed, which allowed reaching a new level of quality. The company's products can be found throughout Russia. We guarantee accurate order execution.

We offer cooperation to dealers, wholesale buyers. To buy products in bulk, contact the manager on the page.

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