Belt buckle "ZUBR" FG405 / 38
Belt buckle "ZUBR" FG405 / 38
Belt buckle "ZUBR" FG405 / 38
Belt buckle "ZUBR" FG405 / 38
Belt buckle "ZUBR" FG405 / 38
Belt buckle "ZUBR" FG405 / 38
Belt buckle "ZUBR" FG405 / 38
Belt buckle "ZUBR" FG405 / 38
Product description
Sewing accessories, Belt buckles, Belt buckle "BISON" FG405 / 38. We present to your attention a new product of our production - a high-strength, functional and reliable buckle "ZUBR". ZUBR is a practical quick-release buckle that can withstand loads of up to 700 kilograms. They are made of ultra-strong TsAM alloys with high corrosion resistance and low reflectivity (not visible in a night vision scope and poorly visible in various thermal imagers). One-way opening of the lock is not possible even if the buckle is under load. Buckles "ZUBR" are designed for those for whom it is especially important that the ammunition does not fail at the most crucial and dangerous moment, namely for employees of military and security agencies, rescuers, climbers, fishermen and travelers. General and technical characteristics BISON buckle: Dad's eyelet - Adjustable, Mom's eyelet - Fixed Maximum breaking load on the buckle when stretched -700 kg Material - TsAM Size, mm - 38 Sand (RAL 1001) Country of origin - Republic of Belarus Manufacturer: Furnitur Group LLC Warranty period - unlimited
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Belt buckle "ZUBR" FG405 / 38 - 72767

10.65 USD/pcs 10.65 USD

Minimum order: 3 pcs

Supply ability: 100 pcs/per month

LLC "Furniture RU"
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