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Introduce/Add your goods are in different regions of the world physically

3 regions, 25 countries


The launch of the Showrooms is planned during the 2021-2022.

Leave a request to reserve a place.

Not a secret, in order to make the wholesale deal real, the buyer must have a chance to see the quality of the product.

Qoovee Showroom - It is a chain of showrooms where manufacturers and suppliers can present the physical samples of their goods in different cities around the world, without opening their own representative offices.

Qoovee Showroom can also deliver your samples to potential customers across the region in 1-3 days.

Regions where you will be able represented physically (offline)
Middle East and North Africa
Showroom in b>Dubai/b> and delivery of your samples from Dubai all over the Middle East and North Africa in 1-3 days.
Central Asia
Showroom in Bishkek and delivery of your samples from Bishkek all over Central Asia in 1-3 days.
Showroom in Moscow and delivery of your samples from Moscow all over Russia in 1-3 days.
Middle East and North Africa

Population: 550 million people

GDP: 3.9 trillion$

Import: 338 billion$

Showroom and warehouse: Dubai

Delivery of goods and samples by region: 1-3 days

Central Asia

Population: 70 million people

GDP: 265 billion$

Import: 80.5 billion$

Showroom and warehouse: Bishkek

Delivery of goods and samples by region: 1-3 days

Russian Federation

Population: 147 million people

GDP: 1.7 trillion$

Import: 238 billion$

Showroom and warehouse: Moscow

Delivery of goods and samples by region: 1-3 days

Exhibition 365 days a year

and the rapid delivery of your samples to 25 countries around the world
You benefit
Space in showroom
Your goods will be presented in the showroom where wholesalers will come to see them
You can place as many goods as you wish in the warehouse and it can be delivered quickly to the buyer you have a deal with
Promotion on Qoovee
Your products will be promoted online on a trading platform for businesses around the world
Your samples of goods or consignments can be delivered to any point in the world from Qoovee Logisitics
What we guarantee

Showroom and your online shop on Qoovee will be promoted among potential customers

Safe deals

Qoovee transactions are safe and transparent

Online and offline presence

Your products are available in both offline showrooms and Qoovee online

Steps to be placed in showrooms
Registration on Qoovee
Add your company and goods to Qoovee
Pay the package
Buy Busines or Premium package
Send samples
Mail samples to selected showrooms
Inform your potential clients that they can see your samples in the showroom
Make secure deals with guarantees from Qoovee Safe
Write to us, we are online!