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Швейная фабрика «Арион»

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Heat Transfer, Screen Printing, Women's T-shirts and Undershirts, Tunics, Women's fur, Children's underwear, Children's outerwear, Kids' knit garment, Clothes for school-age children, Men's jackets and windbreakers, Men's shirts Russia, ул. Новодмитровская д.5А

Sewing factory "Arion", Moscow.

The specialization of the Arion production company is tailoring to order with printing and customer logos, providing the advertising market with products designed for promotions, corporate events, as well as for retail and wholesale, personal and thematic gifts.

The company's products are able to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers regarding product quality and lead times. The Arion factory has a sewing workshop and production around the clock. The company's own sewing factory carries out sewing clothes with the symbols of the customer, which can be done in any color, plus an individual selection of materials.

Our experts will help develop a corporate style, create special clothing for an exhibition, briefing, promotion. The design of the promotional form is developed taking into account all the wishes of the customer, taking into account the scope of his activities. Sewing atypical products and soft toys is also possible.

But this is far from all the possibilities of the Arion factory for tailoring and printing. The creation and printing of the logo is in constant demand. Application can be done on all types of tailoring of corporate clothing, including t-shirts and baseball caps, always available in stock. Putting a logo on a T-shirt, and then presenting it as a souvenir is a great solution for those who have faced the question of choosing a gift.

The production uses the most modern technologies for sewing and applying images. The logo is printed by silk screen printing, sublimation, thermal transfer and thermal transfer. Our designer will develop a logo in accordance with all your wishes, and the manager will help you deal with the specifics of printing exactly your product. "Arion" is one of the best sewing factories in Moscow, which can offer everything for the development and implementation of the corporate identity of your company.

The key areas of the factory are:

  • T-shirt making and tailoring
  • Drawing a picture on a t-shirt
  • Tailoring shirts
  • Sewing corporate clothes
  • Production of a form for promotions - promotional t-shirts, promotional bags, etc.
  • Tailoring shirts
  • Sewing hoodies
  • Sewing bags to order

The Arion Printing Factory operates around the clock. That is why we are ready to fulfill large orders in the shortest possible time. Our sewing and production workshops are equipped with the most modern equipment, which allows us to maintain high quality products.

Products made at the Arion sewing and printing factory refute the view that sewing is expensive and time consuming. The best sewing workshops, qualified designers, managers and workers are at the service of our customers.

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