Сибирская компания-производитель экопродуктов «Ваше здоровье»

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The Siberian manufacturer of eco-products "Your Health" has been on the market for more than three years, we have been engaged in eco-products for more than 8 years.

The company "Your Health" is a small family laboratory focused on the creation of the highest quality healthy food and taste. You will not find our products on the shelves in the supermarket - you can purchase them from us, our partners and pharmacies. Nowadays, more and more people are turning to natural products and the healing properties of nature's gifts, especially when it comes to daily products. We produce handmade squeezed oils - cedar, linseed, pumpkin and others; porridge, flour, pine nut cake. We have a unique Soviet press for manual oil production.

The entire product line goes perfectly for gifts, there are unique author's products (nutmeg wellness cereals).

The production employs no more than 5 people, which allows you to very carefully monitor the quality of all products, but at the same time maintain a good volume.

We are looking for distributors and wholesale buyers in the cities of Russia, the CIS, and foreign countries; it is especially interesting to promote eco-products in the UAE, China, Europe.

It is possible to send our products on your labels. The price depends on the desired volumes, the terms of cooperation are contractual. Products are well sold out in health food stores, food deliveries, massage parlors, catering agencies, pharmacies, gifts for large holdings, etc. Sending directly from the manufacturer, delivery at our expense is possible with orders from 200,000 rubles. Bonus system for large wholesalers: while ordering oil and the corresponding flour / cake (for example, cedar oil and cedar cake) - good discounts, 10-30%.

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