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Сибирский металлоцентр

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Roofing materials, Facade decoration, Metal Structures Russia, Дорожная 74
Russia, Дорожная 74

The Siberian Metal Center company is today one of the largest manufacturers in Siberia for the production of a wide range of metal products for the construction industry, with quality not inferior to world analogues, but at a more affordable price.

We produce metal tiles, decking, siding and wall panels, additional elements for roofs and facades, profiles for the installation of drywall, reinforcing profiles, smooth sheets and strips, non-standard metal products (greenhouses, barbecues, etc.); we provide drainage systems necessary for mounting fasteners , heaters and other related products. In addition to manufacturing finished products, we provide services for the longitudinal and transverse cutting of metal.

The product range of the Siberian Metal Center today is more than 100 assortment positions in 10 product groups.

Production is carried out on the most high-tech equipment: production lines of Finland, Germany, Russia are operating, allowing to produce all standard sizes of metal products for solving a variety of construction tasks.

Siberian Metal Center guarantees its customers high quality products, manufacturing according to the customer’s size, prompt execution of orders - even the most complex integrated orders are carried out strictly on time.

The high quality of the work of the Siberian Metal Center has been repeatedly confirmed by awards and diplomas.

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