Производство кукурузных палочек 'Хочу и ем' от компании ООО"СнекМаш"

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Snack food Belarus, Республика Беларусь,г.Минск,пер.С.Ковалевской,дом 52,пом.1,каб.28

SnekMash LLC offers for sale wholesale and retail sweet corn sticks of TM “I want and eat” of our own production. Sticks are packed in convenient bags, net weight 160 grams. The composition includes corn grits, sunflower oil, sugar, salt.

The production technology of our corn sticks is based on the use of only the highest quality raw materials. All products are made from natural ingredients, without the addition of artificial colors and flavors. For these purposes, specially purchased corn grits of the highest grade that meet all the requirements of GOST, and the extrusion technology allows you to save all the useful properties of the product for six months from the date of manufacture. The lack of food additives of synthetic origin, including genetically modified products - for us this is the main principle in the production of high-quality and natural products.

And MOST IMPORTANT - our technologists managed to completely recreate the corn sticks that we all remember, sticks resembling a taste from childhood.

Today we work with networks: Vitalyur (STM), GIPPO, Korona, Rublevsky, Radzivilovsky, Posttorg, Zlatka, Zhivinka, Generous, as well as Combines school meals Frunze, Partizansky and other areas.

The main competitive advantages of the products I want and eat are: high quality, attractive packaging, reasonable price.

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