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«Талдомская фабрика обуви»

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Women's slippers, Sandals for women, Women's sports shoes, Women's Shoes, Women's long boots, Men's Slippers, Sandals for men, Men's sports shoes, Men's long boots, Men's Shoes Russia, Зеленая ул., 16
Russia, Зеленая ул., 16

Taldom Shoe Factory is known as the oldest shoe factory in Russia.

It has been working since 1926, 700 people are employed in production.

It produces men's, women's, children's shoes, daily - 2000 pairs, 350 000 pairs annually. Products are certified.

In addition, the factory produces home-made shoes from textile materials.

The manufacturer is open for cooperation, looking for dealers in the regions. Wholesale buyers are offered flexible discounts, pre-formed orders.

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