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Scissor lift table

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We are ready to work on the manufacture, delivery and installation of hydraulic scissor lift tables. Any scissor lift tables for your objects outside and inside the building! If you have a complex object and you cannot install a mast cargo hoist, we are ready to solve this issue and offer the optimal solution: installation scissor lift, which is a universal equipment and can lift any cargo. What scissors lifting tables we offer: Small single-scissors with a lifting height of 0.5 to 2.5 m and c zopodemnostyu from 200 kg up to 20 tons; With a large lifting height of up to 20 meters and a lifting capacity from 500 kg to 5 tons, the number of scissor systems is from two to six; Dual scissor tables for lifting heavy vehicles and equipment, load capacity from 1000 kg to 20 tons; All orders are individual. We are attentive to our work and are ready to fulfill any of your wishes regarding the execution and assembly of lifting mechanisms. In order to properly assess the situation at the facility and for correct calculation, the basic parameters of the future scissor lift are required: installation location (outside or inside the building); loading capacity which is required; How high should the load be; necessary dimensions of the cargo platform (length, width, whether fences are needed); the need to install fences, railings, folding legs Specifications lifting capacity up to 20 tons lifting height up to 12 meters the size of the loading platform according to your specification
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