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1. We ask you to inform the KP of the price and availability of the goods, as well as the delivery time. Quantity: 14 Unit of measure: ton (metric) Steel-aluminum wire AS-35/6.2 GOST 839-80 Design: 1. Steel wire core with a nominal diameter of 2.8 mm. 2. Conductive part, consisting of a layer of 6 aluminum wires with a nominal diameter of 2.8 mm. AC-35/6.2 cable properties: Ambient temperature during operation: from -60°С to +50°С Maximum cable temperature during operation: +90°С Outer diameter: 8.4 mm. Electrical resistance of 1 km of cable at 20 °С: no more than 0.7774 Weight of 1 km of cable, theoretical: 146.6 kg Year of construction 2021-2022 Warranty period 48 months

2. Wire AS-50 GOST 839-80 Quantity: 2 Unit of measure: ton (metric) Wire brand AC 50/8.0 is an uninsulated steel-aluminum wire, the core of which consists of steel wire, and the rest is made of a layer of aluminum wires. Made from stainless steel and aluminium. The main and only purpose of the AC 50/8.0 rope is suspension on overhead power lines. The cross-sectional area of ​​the aluminum part of the wire is 50 mm², the area of ​​the steel part is 8.0 mm². Deciphering the brand of wire AS-50 / 8.0 A - current-carrying conductor made of aluminum C - conductor made of steel 50 - section of the aluminum part of the wire, mm²; 8.0 - section of the steel core, mm² Year of construction 2021

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