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Good day. My name is Kazantsev Yevgeniy. I am an individual entrepreneur in the Republic of Belarus. I have on staff at the moment - 4 people. Our profile is sales of goods for children. There is a retail store with an area of ​60 sq.m.  We would like to offer cooperation to production that wants to enter the market of the Republic of Belarus. Namely - to be an intermediary between your firm (production) and trading organizations in the Republic of Belarus. We offer the following cooperation scheme: - you give us your goods for up to 3 months - under thepay after sale basis. - upon receipt of the goods, we enter into the necessary documents with individual entrepreneurs (of which about 50 people already + many want to start cooperation) for the sale of products in their trading pavilions, shops, via the Internet (dropship). - after 1 month, we will control the sale and product remnants of each individual entrepreneur to whom your product was provided. After summarizing - we transfer you the amount for all goods that were sold during this period no later than the 10th day of each month. PS: In Belarus there are a lot of trade organizations that pull their business with all their might and often ask for goods from suppliers for sale. I believe that our proposal is both in demand and beneficial to all:  - Your company will have stable large orders and, accordingly, profit;  - trade organizations will be bolder to take more goods, because there will be an opportunity to exchange less demanded goods for the one that is in demand from them. I would be grateful for the answers to my proposal. If you need additional information, I will be glad to answer all your questions. As by phone +375297665152 (Viber), also by e-mail [email protected] I hope for cooperation. Yours faithfully, SP RB Yevgeny Kazantsev.

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Казанцева Евгения
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