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We invite all manufacturers to cooperate. We successfully carry out activities in the e-commerce segment, we sell products at most popular marketplaces (Wildberries, Ozone, Beru, Tmall, Joom, Goods, Ulmart, KupiVip, Lamoda, Mamsy, Saterno). We have extensive experience in the sales of any volume of products in the shortest possible time. The customer audience is over 120 million people a month. Rules of cooperation: The supplier sends us wholesale prices, we negotiate prices, analyze the demand for these products, and study competitors. In case we see the prospect and the possibility of quick sales, we conclude an agreement with the supplier (installments or after sales). Payments under these agreements are made every 2 weeks upon the fact of sales. It is necessary to have a registered trademark for the supplier, certificates. If these documents are not available, it is possible to produce products under our trademark.


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