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Good day!
We purchase large volumes of boards all year round.
Main specification:
16 * 100
22 * 100 * 3300/3600/3900 and above, lateral
21 * 98 * 2985 lateral
44 * 100 * 3300/3600/3900 and above, central
47 * 100 * 3300 and above, central
41 * 98 * 2985 central
Pine of standard cross-sections is also of interest:
16 * 100
25x100 / 125/150/200
36 * 147
38 * 150
47x100 / 125/150/200/225/250
Transport humidity (16-20%)
The board should be well sawn (no "waves"), only with a circular saw.
We are ready to purchase from 100m3 to 2000m3 per month from the enterprise.
We can take away the whole saw, including the domestic one.
We can work according to your warehouse, in different sections.
We can pick it up from your warehouse.
Send offers with price, volume, location and photos
finished products.
We work under a direct export contract.
The first acceptance can take place at your warehouse, by our employee. Payment - immediately
after acceptance.

(translated from russian)

Price is negotiable
Any period
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