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Home Textile, Maternity Clothes Russia, Екатеринубрг Карла Маркса 8
Russia, Екатеринубрг Карла Маркса 8

Pillows have the following properties:

1. Hypoallergenic - absolutely safe for health, does not cause allergies.
2. The pillow is soft, which provides comfort and convenience in a dream.
3. The pillow is made of environmentally friendly materials
4. It keeps its shape well - it quickly recovers from sleep and washing.
6. Long service life - the pillow will serve you more than 5-7 years.
7. Passes air freely - easily ventilated.
8. Has a low weight - the pillow is convenient to carry.
9. It is easy to bend - you can pick up and fix a comfortable posture for sleeping.
10. Easy care - hang out on a sunny day, knock out dust, or wash.

- Fillers of three types: holofiber (syntepuh), polystyrene foam balls and artificial swan fluff.

Wholesale purchase:

1) Wholesale from 6 any forms and fillers.

2) The assortment of 9 different forms of pillows, for each form of 5-7 colors of pillowcases

3) Sending by any transport company that is convenient for you, which we have in the city or in any other way.

4) We work with individuals and legal entities

5) Packing pillows in vacuum significantly reduces transportation costs
Two large pillows, packed in a bag-case or 6 pillows in a vacuum package, are placed in one box 70 * 50 * 50 in size. Packing pillows in a vacuum is paid extra. Balls are not compressed in vacuum.

Sale from 1 pillow, with the option not to purchase goods to your warehouse. We solve the problem of sending goods to the customer - you get a net profit.

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