Nursing bra
Nursing bra
Product description
  Bra made of knitted fabric and inelastic lace. The bra is intended for use during breastfeeding. The cups are soft, with reinforced frames. The cup is unfastened, there is a side amplifier. 3-piece cups. The lower parts of the cups are made of non-elastic knitted fabric, sewn on a universal machine. The upper parts of the cups are made of inelastic lace, stitched with the lower ones on a universal machine, seam allowances are stitched with a facing on a 2-needle machine. An elastic band is sewn along the top edge of the cup. The gusset made of inelastic lace is stitched onto the gusset lining from the main fabric on a 2-piece zigzag stitching machine. Details of the mill made of elastic knitted fabric. Elastic tape is adjusted along the upper and lower cuts on a 4-piece zigzag stitch machine. Hook and loop back closure. The blades are adjustable in front length. Bow gusset on top. composition of raw materials: 90% cotton, 7% polyamide, 3 elastane
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