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ТОО "Clotwell"

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Bedding set, Women's workwear, Women's blouses and shirts, Women's robes, men's work clothing, Men's robes, Fabrics and Accessories, Medical products, Military Apparel & Accessories Kazakhstan, Алматинская область, г. Талгар, ул. Карасай Батыра 2

Clotwell LLP successfully and actively works in the market of the Republic of Kazakhstan for more than 20 years. The range of products is diverse and affects a wide range of customer needs: from the manufacture of quilts and bedding, to clothing for various industries and law enforcement agencies. A wide range of models of professional clothes has been developed for medical institutions where the individuality of each medical institution was taken into account. The company is constantly evolving and does not stand still, following the trends in new products, developing new models, acquiring new fabrics and accessories. At this stage, the company is preparing for a new collection of Fashion clothes for participation in the White Milan exhibition. He tries himself in such an assortment as hunting and fishing. The company has its own territory with a total area of 4,638.9 m / 2, of which 2,574.6 m / 2 for production, which is not unimportant for the success of the enterprise. The territory has its own warehouses (total area 487.6 m / 2) for storing fabrics and accessories, as well as warehouses for finished products. The company employs 110 people, work schedule from 8.00 to 17.00, five days, in one shift. Over the many years of work, a very strong and friendly team has rallied, since many stood at the origins of the company. The production capacity of the enterprise per shift: - 230 suits of medium complexity; - 150 insulated suits (depending on complexity) - 300 bathrobes; -200 shirts. Established logistics with transport companies helps to quickly, efficiently and on time, to deliver products to the cities of the Republic of Kazakhstan and neighboring countries. Since 2015, the company has taken the direction of automating the production cycle and replacing old equipment with the latest production equipment. We have acquired an automatic cutting complex, in connection with which the volume of products has significantly increased. The patterns are made using modern technology using computer technology. The company has its own embroidery equipment, so we do the development and production of logos at our production facilities in any volumes and any complexity. At the beginning of 2018, the construction of a new production building was completed, in connection with which the company increased quantitatively, which also led to an increase in production capacity. At the moment, there are two large premises under reconstruction (commissioning is planned in July 2018), where additional jobs will be launched, which will further diversify the range of the company. Our company productively works independently with manufacturers of fabrics and accessories and therefore has the opportunity to develop the color and functionality of the fabric at the request of the customer. When ordering, every detail is taken into account. Professional consultation of company employees when choosing fabrics, accessories and models helps the client when choosing products, which ensures good friendships and partnerships. Clotwell LLP successfully works with such companies as: Coca-Cola Almaty Bottlers JV LLP, Rakhat JSC, LUKOIL Lubricants Central Asia LLP, TOTAL MARKETING SERVICES KAZAKHSTAN LLP Alina group of companies, Knauf, with various medical institutions, with law enforcement agencies, etc. Clotwell LLP guarantees its customers high quality, speed of implementation and compliance with standards.

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