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Grocery, Crop Production Kazakhstan, РК, Карагандинская область, г.Караганда

All products of the "Эталон ЛТД" LLP mill complex undergo strict quality monitoring, starting with the purchase and acceptance of high-quality wheat, ending with quality control of services, documentation and customer support throughout the entire period of cooperation. The company has its own laboratories for controlling the quality of raw materials, equipped with advanced modern equipment. In these laboratories, special attention is paid to the quality control of finished products: an active search for new methods and technologies for improving quality and developing new products is ongoing. In order to satisfy even the most capricious and dear customer, in our laboratories, quality control is carried out around the clock at all stages of production. Here, with love for their own business and vocation, selflessly, the best specialists of the city of Karaganda, who have gained experience abroad, as well as foreign specialists with vast experience in the development of fortified wheat flour in foreign companies, work. Thanks to the constant search for effective control methods and careful, round-the-clock monitoring of the selection of raw materials, unlike many other manufacturers, any kind of infection of wheat fortified flour is categorically excluded from our wheat fortified flour at any time of the year, which is laboratory-confirmed at all stages of production. And this, in turn, is a guarantee that the client will receive environmentally friendly, healthy wheat fortified flour that does not contain GMOs and other harmful impurities. All products of "Эталон ЛТД" LLP comply with the state standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Wheat, fortified flour produced by the company has a high gluten content, at least 30%, a high content of protein and minerals. Our flour does not contain GMOs and other harmful impurities. There is a quality certificate for wheat, fortified flour and other necessary documents.

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