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PC Software and Hardware, USB flash drive, Routers, Mouse & Keyboard, Desktop computers, Software, Industrial Computer & Accessories, CCTV Cameras, Alarms, Home Security System, Measuring instruments, Air conditioning, Office equipment, Other equipments and machines, Automation and Software, Welding Equipment and Machines, Alternative energy sources, Batteries, Lighting equipment, Generators, LED Displays, Low-voltage electrical equipment, Stabilizers, Telecommunications, Fiber Optic Equipment, Communication antennas, Telecommunication Equipment Kazakhstan, Казахстан, г. Атырау, ул. Зейноллы Кабдолова 68
Painting and Coating, Protective Coating, Waterblasting and sandblasting services, Office equipment repair and maintenance, Computer repair and maintenance, IT Outsourcing, IT consulting services, Accounting and auditing services, Auditing services, Accounting services, Office Services, Technical Documentation Development, Factory Construction, Building and Facility Construction, Building and Facility Reconstruction, Communication Facility Construction, Power Facility Construction and Design, Petrol Station, Oil Depot, Car Wash & Repair Facility Construction and Design, Prefabricated Modular Building, Warehouse, Structure Construction, Engineering and Construction Services , general, Alternative energy facilities and equipment design, Architectural Visualization, Dispatching, surveillance systems, design installation and maintenance, Energy audit, Industrial buildings and constructions design, Power systems, power lines and power grids design, Engineering communications plan, Residential Building Planning and Design, Structured Cabling Design, Installation and Maintenance, Fiber Optic Cabling Design, Installation and Maintenance, Waterproofing Services, Fireproofing, Soundproofing Services, Thermal Insulation Services, Computer Network Setup and Administration, Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting, Information Recovery, Information Security, Installation, Design, Maintenance of Local Area networks (LAN), IT Audit Services, Software Development, Software Implementation and Maintenance, Internet Access and TV Connection Services, Telephony Services, Transport and Fuel Monitoring System Installation, Website Development Kazakhstan, Казахстан, г. Атырау, ул. Зейноллы Кабдолова 68

VEL Group LLP is a system integrator and provider of IT solutions. We supply server and client equipment, security systems and video surveillance, design networks and audit IT infrastructure. We have rich experience in the implementation of complex infrastructure projects.

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