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Measuring instruments, Pumps, compressors for oil & gas, Industrial machinery parts, Industrial Equipments and Machines, Automation and Software, Electrical equipment, Filtration Equipment, Industrial Instruments, Vacuum Equipments, Products for garden, Plumbing, Valves, Engineering design and services, Repair, modernization, retrofitting Kazakhstan, г.Нур-Султан, ул.Куйши Дина 15, НП-3
Heating, water supply, sewerage, water supply, drainage, pump, automation, valve, gate valve, tap, tank, hot water meter, cold water meter, water filter, boiler, electric boiler, gas boiler, solid fuel boiler, heat point, flow meter, sensor, water meter unit, pump station, sewage pump station, fire fighting pump station, pressure boost pump station, non-return valve, strainer, differential pressure controller, seat valve, electronic weather controller, temperature sensor s
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