Production of polyethylene products "T-shirt" bags
Production of polyethylene products "T-shirt" bags
Production of polyethylene products "T-shirt" bags
Product description
T-shirt bags are an economical and practical packaging option. One of the most popular types of plastic bags, characterized by high strength and wear resistance. The availability of technological equipment allows us to produce these products of various sizes, modifications and densities. Its main advantages are durability and low price. A T-shirt bag with a logo is an indispensable assistant in shops, pharmacies, supermarkets, building hypermarkets. Withstands a fairly large load (up to 30 kg) due to the successful design and the presence of folds. Bright colorful logo - which contributes to effective advertising for potential buyers who find out about you thanks to this advertisement on the package. Low costs - putting information about the company on the packaging is profitable, especially when ordering packages and applying a logo at the same time. Advertising on the packaging provides an additional influx of customers, which significantly increases the company's profits. The logo speaks of the seriousness of the business, the increase in its prestige, the readiness to cooperate and fulfill obligations to customers.
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Production of polyethylene products "T-shirt" bags - 82257

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2.67 USD/pcs 2.67 USD

Minimum order: 100 kg

Supply ability: 1 kg/per month

Uluqi Plastics
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