Wax Apple Protective Bags
Product description
Features of the products Professionally manufactured and converted specially for high quality wax-apple protection. The bags have undergone high water resistant coating conversion which render a good weatherability and can reduce the occurrence of insect-and disease damages. The products' high air permeability allow the internal and external temperature difference to create convective current, causing the fruit to mature under a condition most close to nature. It also reduces the occurrences of fruit splitting and other physiological defects. The products engage a flap of transparent window design, which facilitates the inspection of fruit growth, reducing the need guesswork in assessing the harvest date and lowering harvest costs.
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Wax Apple Protective Bags - 61659

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300.0 USD/pcs 300.0 USD

Minimum order: 100 pcs

Supply ability: 300 pcs/per day

Union Paper Corporation
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