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Gadgets, CCTV Cameras, Alarms, Alternative energy sources, Power Supplies Kyrgyzstan, Бишкек, ул. Куттубаева, Ресторан Ормон-Хан, KICB Bank ATM
Security Systems Design, Installation, Maintenance, Projection advertising, Structured Cabling Design, Installation and Maintenance, Computer Network Setup and Administration, Information Security, Internet Marketing, Software Implementation and Maintenance, Website Development Kyrgyzstan, Бишкек, ул. Куттубаева, Ресторан Ормон-Хан, KICB Bank ATM

UpGreat Company Provides Essential Business Services for IT

Structured Cable Networks (SCS)

IP Office Telephony

Online Event Broadcasting Systems

Cash registers and trade equipment

IT outsourcing

CRM and business process management systems

In addition, UpGreat provides services

Security Installation:

CCTV systems

Fire and Security Alarms

Comprehensive Information Security Solutions

Advertising IT services:

"Live" showcases

Creation and promotion of sites

Mobile app development

Creation of active commercial offers for email marketing

Various services and goods for both business and individuals:

Portable Solar Chargers (Powerbanks)

Energy-related products and services:

Comprehensive Uninterruptible Power Supply Solutions

Complete Solar Powered Solutions

SMARTflower Settings

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