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Polypropylene milk filter

USD 0.48 - 13.61 USD

Minimum order: 280 pcs

Supply ability: 10 pcs/per day

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The UVMILK® filter is manufactured from a certified polypropylene approved for use in the food industry. Inside this element, the polymer threads are laid in a certain order and form a huge number of conducting channels, the space of which is filled with villi. When milk under pressure enters the filter, massive fat globules easily spread the villi and easily follow the canals, and the lighter dirt particles get stuck in them. • Retains particles from 3 micron • A special filter structure designed to clean milk • The variable winding density and thread fineness allow the UVMILK® filter to not clog and maintain the claimed throughput • Does not reduce the fat content of milk • Large filtration area • Chemical dyes and additives are not used • Compliance with dimensions up to 1 mm ensures an ideal fit of the filter into the body without gaps (it does not allow dirt to pass into the milk) • The filter does not crumble and does not separate

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