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Innovations, Ecologically safe technologies in agro Czechia, Nové sady 988/2, 602 00 Brno, Czech Republic

We are engaged in vehicle interior and exterior design, electrical and electronic design, virtual modeling, engineering and prototyping. We develop all running gears, covering and moving parts of the bodywork, including car lighting. Our specialization covers a range from sketch to prototype. In addition to product development, we carry out various studies related to sheet metal forming, injection molding of plastics, including from composite materials. In the field of interior design, we adhere to a multifunctional style. We carry out the technical design of dashboards and fill panels in accordance with customer requirements, are engaged in the development of ventilation and air conditioning systems, as well as ergonomic controls to achieve maximum convenience. Together with our partners, we design and develop suspension systems, steering systems, braking systems, engine suspension systems and the system of wheel axles, which affects the comfort, road economy and car power. We also carry out real tests of driving performance, comfort, as well as brake tests during the operation of the prototype car. We develop engines, gearboxes and integrate engine parts, cooling systems, fuel systems; We develop alternative types of drives. We also carry out projects on biofuels, CNG, LPG. We are a partner company specializing in electric vehicles. We develop all the lines of power and data transmission of electronic systems, hardware and software. The development of electrical and electronic parts is carried out in coordination with our partners, who produce individual components of the project. We validate the developed parts and systems using tests, integration and application research. We carry out calculations of finite elements, analysis of fatigue, vibration and acoustics, safety, dynamics of the car and hydromechanics, and also carry out final projects of individual systems or the entire car. In the field of product development, we also create calculation methods using advanced technical methods. We integrate systems with various structural features and, after confirming the functionality of these systems, we conduct physical tests in the laboratory, on the training ground or in traffic. We manufacture all the prototype parts, components and tools necessary for product development. The following methods are used in the production of prototypes of metal, plastic and composite parts: tin forms made of metal and polyurethane for sheet metal forming and production from laminate, rapid prototyping and 3D printing, and many others.

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