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Plus size pants, Evening dresses, Women's blouses and shirts, Women's pants, shorts, Women's turtlenecks, Women's jeans, Women's sweaters and jumpers, Women's hosiery, Women's Sport Suits, Women's sweatshirts, Lingerie, Cocktail dresses, Swimwear, Leggings, Maternity Clothes, Casual dresses, Tunics, Women's T-shirts and Undershirts, Skirts, men's work clothing, Men's sportswear, Men's Jeans, Men's Sweaters, Men's shirts, Men's Sweatshirts, Men's T-Shirts, Men's underwear, Men's knit garments, Headwear for women, Shawls and stoles, Ballet flats, Women's ankle boots, Women's slippers, Women's Moccasins, Women's sandals, Sandals for women, Women's sports shoes, Women's boots, Ankle boots for women, Women's Shoes, Women's long boots, Men's Slippers, Men's Moccasins, Sandals for men, Men's sports shoes, Men's long boots, Men's Shoes, Children's gloves, mittens, Children's jewelery, watches, Children's Slippers, Kids' sandals, Children's Shoes, Children's sports shoes, Kids' boots, Backpacks and sports bags Russia, МО, Люберецкий район, пос. Томилино, дер. Кирилловка, 1-й квартал - д. 3
Russia, МО, Люберецкий район, пос. Томилино, дер. Кирилловка, 1-й квартал - д. 3

Truly a huge assortment. Many years of experience in the field of wholesale and small wholesale trade , excellent knowledge of market conditions, the ability to find the most effective ways to solve the tasks set, all this made it possible to form an excellent collection of products of the highest quality and, moreover, at fairly reasonable prices.

Low prices . Direct long-term contracts with leading manufacturers have turned Vestidos into a true wholesale online clothing store at low prices. However, one must understand that, unlike most of these stores, Vestidos offers wholesale clothing in Moscow, Moscow Region and other regions of Russia, without exception, which has impeccable quality. In a word, for Vestidos wholesale clothing, the price of which is quite acceptable for organizing a successful business, is the norm.

Unloading from the site . Many modern wholesale online stores that sell clothes at wholesale prices offer their customers a comprehensive catalog where all information is systematized, each product has its own card with a short description, high resolution photographs and other information. However, not everyone can boast of a service consisting in the ability to upload an array of information to another site. Wholesale clothing store Vestidos provides such an opportunity. Here you can upload catalogs with photos, descriptions, prices and other information in automatic mode, excluding hours of routine work. To do this, you just need to register, go to the appropriate page of the site and in your personal account select the appropriate upload option in each case.

Flexible options for order formation . Vestidos offers its business partners not only to buy clothes in bulk in bulk, in large quantities, in large sizes, but also to purchase goods in bulk, without rows and by the piece . This service is always attractive for representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, so that at the cost of essentially small investments, they have a constantly updated assortment of goods and quickly respond to changing fashion trends.

It is also profitable to order wholesale clothes at Vestidos because everything is always stable, honest and open, because the basic principles of this wholesale online clothing store are honesty and decency in business relations, a flexible pricing policy and the ability to always turn your shoulder in difficult times. And it is worth a lot. Is not it?

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