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Furniture, Garden and outdoor furniture, Furniture for home Kazakhstan, Астана, Желтоксан, 2
Furniture rental, Furniture Manufacturing and Repair Services Kazakhstan, Астана, Желтоксан, 2

VILLAGGIO is a manufacturer of wicker furniture made of artificial rattan in the city of Astana (Kazakhstan), as well as engaged in its repair and restoration. If you have been using rattan furniture for some time, and its weaving has lost its attractive appearance, then do not rush to throw it away right away - it can be repaired. Conditions under which it is possible to repair furniture made of artificial rattan: 1. The main condition is that the furniture frame should not be subjected to severe corrosion and should be maintained at 60-70%. 2. When hauling artificial rattan, the old vine is completely removed and a new weave is applied. 3. We warn you that the color of the new weaving with an artificial rattan will be different from what you originally had, as there are many manufacturers of synthetic vines and each has its own color formula. But we will try to be as similar as possible. 4. Your location should be within the city of Astana, we do not consider it unprofitable to accept an order for repairs from other cities, logistics costs will not be economically profitable, repairs or restoration of artificial rattan furniture may cost the cost of a new product. Send photographs that need repair or restoration of your wicker furniture from artificial rattan to our WhatsApp number: +7 701 907 8188; +7 701 0 918918 for assessing the current status and cost of our services. Examples of wicker furniture repairs in our workshop ast.villaggio (Instagram or Facebook)

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